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What is the
Community Navigator Network?

The Sevier County Economic Development Department at the University of Arkansas Cossatot is one of 51 awardees of the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program Grant. The grant is intended for education and technical assistance for small businesses, especially those in underserved populations and impacted by COVID-19.


The economic development department is a Tier 3 awardee, meaning $1 million dollars have been allocated to the implementation of the Sevier County Community Navigator Network. The Navigator Network is a hub-and-spoke model, with UA Cossatot being the hub (primary organizer and applicant), and five spoke partners to help identify and assist impacted small businesses in need of services. Our Spoke partners are listed below:

Through the Community Navigator Pilot Program, the SBA engages with states, local governments, SBA resource partners, and other organizations in targeted outreach for small businesses in underserved communities.

The program offered funding to nonprofits, state and local governments, universities, and tribal entities to partner with SBA at a hub and spoke network center. These hubs then support said organizations -- trusted, culturally knowledgeable local groups and individuals -- who will connect to specific sectors of the entrepreneurial community to assist in an economic recovery, including:

  • Financial assistance and access to capital

  • Contracting and procurement

  • Marketing, operations, business development, and exporting

  • Industry-specific training

Our Team

Our staff is dedicated to helping small businesses in Sevier County achieve the education and technical assistance they need to thrive at no cost.

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